U.S. consumer protection official puts Equifax probe on ice

U.S. consumer protection official puts Equifax probe on ice

This seems straightforward:

Equifax said in September that hackers stole personal data it had collected on some 143 million Americans. Richard Cordray, then the CFPB director, authorized an investigation that month, said former officials familiar with the probe.

Obviously, with nearly half of the United States population hacked, and investigation would be warranted. But under capitalism in today’s United States, there will be no investigation:

Mick Mulvaney, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has pulled back from a full-scale probe of how Equifax Inc failed to protect the personal data of millions of consumers

The term for this kind of thing is Regulatory Capture, as defined here:

Regulatory capture is a form of government failure which occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or political concerns of special interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating.[1] When regulatory capture occurs, the interests of firms or political groups are prioritized over the interests of the public, leading to a net loss to society as a whole. Government agencies suffering regulatory capture are called “captured agencies”.

At this point, the government has almost completely abandoned the interests of the public, the electorate.

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