The insanity of capitalism, as demonstrated by Amazon

Here is a headline from today:

“A Worrying Number of Amazon’s Warehouse Workers Are Reportedly Living Off Food Stamps”

Who in their right mind looks at what Amazon is doing under the standard rules of capitalism in the United States and says, “We like this”? Quotes from the article…

” in Arizona things are particularly dire, with one out of every three Amazon employees needing food stamps to eat.”

“It’s a brilliant grift, taken at a distance: Amazon promises jobs—often low-skill sortation and fulfillment jobs in to-be-built warehouses in small, blighted cities without much of a local economy, like San Bernardino, California—in exchange for a buffet of subsidies. These are the same jobs that reportedly have workers spending 10 hours in a metal cage, afraid to take breaks to use the bathroom, which are themselves supported by an even more precarious glut of temporary, seasonal, and “at-will” employees who are on call, but do not have benefits or guaranteed hours. Then the number of those jobs and their expected pay is whittled down until the duped city is left footing the bill.”

Everything about it is crazy. No sane person “likes this”, but the rules of capitalism foster this behavior. Amazon is financially rewarded in multiple ways for treating people in the worst ways possible.

When you read the chapters at, one concept that you will quickly pick up is that the economy is made of human beings, and every human being has basic needs: food, water, housing, and so on. Therefore, why not design the economic system so that every human being receives these needs automatically, in abundance, in return for providing productive human time to the economy? Why not design the economy so that everyone has a job, since we all need jobs to meet our needs? Capitalism contains the insane idea of “unemployment” instead – which guarantees misery and starvation to the unemployed. Who would design such an idiotic system?

Why not design the economy so that everyone receives cruise-ship-quality food, great housing, etc., so that everyone lives at a great standard of living? It is easy and doable. lays it out for you.

And things are only going to get worse under capitalism. Pretty soon Amazon will have robots to staff the warehouses, and all of these low paid workers will have nothing. Similarly, 1.5 million truck drivers will be replaced by self-driving trucks. Apple will have robotic assembly lines. And so on. Millions of people will be displaced and unemployed as AI, robots and automation advance. Capitalism’s response to all of these unemployed people  will be, “Fuck ’em”. Why design an economy that has the specific goal of fucking people? It is insanity. Why not instead replace capitalism with a much better economic system that has the goal of giving everyone a great standard of living?

When someone tries to promote capitalism, point out to them that capitalism contains the absurd idea of unemployment. Capitalism also promotes extremely low wages, as seen here at Amazon. It is time to replace capitalism with a much better economic system that benefits everyone.

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