Inflation demonstrates two glaring problems with capitalism

Inflation is up, which is not news in capitalism – inflation is the status quo, something that happens nearly every day. But in January inflation was up much more than expected, and this demonstrates two glaring problems…

Consumer prices jump much more than forecast, sparking inflation fears

Here is the first glaring problem:

The Consumer Price Index, a key indicator of inflation trends, jumped 0.5 percent in January, well above market expectations.

The problem: we have an economic system that no one understands. “Market expectations” came from “economists”, and economists had no idea that this jump was coming, apparently. Imagine that: we depend on an economic system that is completely unpredictable like this. Why not replace capitalism with a new economic system that is trivially easy to understand and completely predictable?

The second glaring problem is “inflation” itself. The idea of inflation is completely absurd. It means that if you had a dollar bill in your pocket on January 1, then by January 31, the dollar bill is only worth 99.5 cents. Essentially “the economy” just stole half a penny from you via that dollar bill.

Have you ever stepped back and really thought about the absurdity of inflation? If your wages were $3,000 in January, they are really only worth $2,985 because of the inflation that happened in January. Just January. You took a $15 pay cut in January. Why? No reason. It’s simply because we dwell inside the absurd economic system called capitalism.

Think about it. Did it cost any more human labor, in terms of time, to produce a bag of potato chips, or a gallon of gas? No. Productivity is always rising, not falling. Things take less and less human time to create because of technology. But inflation is always causing prices to rise, giving all of us effective pay cuts every day.

The way to solve this problem is to replace capitalism with a new economic system that completely eliminates inflation. Along with poverty, the concentration of wealth, etc.

A New Economic System that works for the benefit of EVERYONE

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