Capitalism: an economic system, which billions of people depend on for survival, and every few years it implodes

Bill Gates has this exciting and delightful message about capitalism that he is spreading throughout the Internet today:

Imagine the insanity of this situation. We have hitched the planet to an economic system – capitalism – that is this awful. By design, this economic system implodes every few years through recession or depression. During these implosions, millions of people become unemployed, and are therefore cut off from the income they depend on for food, housing, transportation, etc. The effects are planet-wide, because those who lose their incomes (along with everyone else, and all companies) retract their spending. So billions can suffer.

Then Gates adds this helpful bit of propaganda:

Gates concluded his AMA response by saying, “Despite this prediction of bumps ahead, I am quite optimistic about how innovation and capitalism will improve the situation for humans everywhere.”

Capitalism is failing billions of people across the globe, as explained in Chapter 1. 70% of humanity make less than $10 per day as a direct result of the rules of capitalism. Meanwhile, capitalism creates the absurdity of people like Bill Gates, who can horde billions of dollars that are, in essence, stolen from everyone else through those same rules.

The solution is to replace capitalism with a much better economic system that eliminates the myriad problems and inequalities that are baked into capitalism. Start here to learn more.

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