The quality of life in the United States

In this video, Richard Wolff lays out several indicators that demonstrate the unraveling of the United States for its citizens. It is capitalism run amok, fueled by policies that benefit the rich rather than the average citizen:

The insanity of capitalism, as demonstrated by Amazon

Here is a headline from today:

“A Worrying Number of Amazon’s Warehouse Workers Are Reportedly Living Off Food Stamps”

Who in their right mind looks at what Amazon is doing under the standard rules of capitalism in the United States and says, “We like this”? Quotes from the article…

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Capitalism: an economic system, which billions of people depend on for survival, and every few years it implodes

Bill Gates has this exciting and delightful message about capitalism that he is spreading throughout the Internet today:

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Why American Workers Are Not Getting a Raise

This is an important article because it shows many of the problems with the concentration of wealth that naturally occurs in capitalism: Why American Workers Aren’t Getting A Raise: An Economic Detective Story The funny thing about the whole article is that it only needs to be 2 paragraphs long. Here are his first two … Read more