The goal of ReplaceCapitalism.com is to radically improve the human condition on planet Earth by defining and explaining a new economic system that works for the benefit of everyone.

The basic premise is extremely simple. If we, as an intelligent and rational species, were to sit together and design a new economic system that eliminates poverty and benefits everyone, what would this new economic system look like?

The answer to this question is incredibly obvious. If we were to design a new economic system from scratch for planet Earth, we would simply understand that every human being on the planet has a fundamental set of human needs. Regardless of where we live, what language we speak, what nationality we are born into, etc., this truth is self-evident. Therefore:

  • Every human being needs high quality, healthy food
  • Every human being needs clean water and sanitation services
  • Every human being needs high quality, safe, secure housing
  • Every human being needs high quality health care
  • Every human being needs high quality clothing
  • Every human being needs high quality education
  • Every human being needs high quality transportation
  • Every human being needs 24×7 electricity and Internet access
  • Every human being needs a computer and a smart phone to access the Internet
  • And so on…

This is so obvious… Obviously every human being needs these things, and should have these things.

And given that everyone needs these things, we should design the world’s economic system so that everyone receives these things. This, too, is incredibly obvious. Every human being on the planet should have high-quality food, water, housing, health care, clothing, education, transportation, etc. It is obvious.

So how do we accomplish these goals? This is the purpose of ReplaceCapitalism.com:

  1. To demonstrate the absurdity of Capitalism as an economic system, and allow us to understand the massive suffering that Capitalism causes for billions of human beings
  2. To define and explain a new economic system that will benefit all of the human beings on planet Earth

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About the Author

Marshall Brain is most widely known as the founder of HowStuffWorks.com, an award-winning website that offers clear, objective and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world around us actually works. The site, which he created as a hobby and took through several rounds of venture funding, was purchased for $250 million by Discovery Communications in 2007.Marshall Brain Photo

As a well-known public speaker with the ability to deliver complex material in a way that is easily understood by audiences of all types, Brain is a regular guest on radio and TV programs nationwide. He has been featured on everything CNN and Good Morning America to The Oprah Winfrey Show. In 2008 and 2009, he was the host of the National Geographic channel’s Factory Floor With Marshall Brain, a series of one-hour factory tours taking the viewer on a journey into the world of product design, engineering and manufacturing.

Brain is the author of more than a dozen books as well as a number of widely known web publications including Robotic Nation and Manna.

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